Crystal Clear COMCIT

Come and experience COMCIT, the age-defying alternative to fillers and botox...

Crystal Clear COMCIT facial treatments are proven to dramatically and visibly improve the texture and appearance of your skin. Whether you’re looking to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, diminish age spots, sun damage or acne scarring, there’s a Crystal Clear treatment for you.

As chemical-intensive treatments, such as muscle relaxants and fillers, are increasingly falling out of favour, clients are now looking towards non-surgical treatments, or so called ‘notox’ facials, which is where Crystal Clear comes in. Our range of COMCIT treatments are totally non-invasive and promise instant results.


Crystal Clear Treatments

The Frozen Facial - COMCIT Elite

£100 | £500 x6

Take years off with the ultimate in anti-ageing facials. A combination of microdermabrasion, cry-oxygen and microchanneling, your skin will be infused with plant stem cells and hyaluronic serum to stimulate collagen production, reducing lines, wrinkles and improving firmness. Recommended course of 6. (1hr 25mins)

The Frozen Facial - COMCIT

£80 | £400 x6

An intense rejuvenation treatment that leaves your skin with that perfect “filter” look. The rapid infusion of plant stem cells and hyaluronic serum stimulate collagen production, while cry-oxygen and microchanneling ensure the active ingredients reach the deeper dermal layers. Leave your skin glowing with reduced lines and wrinkles. Recommended course of 6. (1hr)

The Red Carpet Facial - H2O Glow


An instant, perfect dewy glow for that special occasion, weddings or red carpet event. The most effective skin rejuvenation and rehydration treatment yet, tailored to what your skin needs. (1hr)


£58 | £290 x6

Perfect for treating oily and congested skin, dull and uneven skin cells are removed through the vacuum to reveal smoother and clearer skin. Completed with a hydration mask to lock in moisture. Recommended course of 6. (1hr)

Oxygen Therapy - Needle Free Botox

£58 | £290 x6

Action packed serum bubbling with cell-energising extracts is pressed into the skin using high pressure oxygen. This unique action plumps the skin, regenerating tired complexions. Skin is instantly lifted and plumped, with lines and wrinkles visibly reduced. (1hr)